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Welcome to Wilzen Computers

Our philosophy is a simple one, that is to bring the world to your door step through our Computer Knowlege and our service department and repairs.

Taking your computer experience to the next level.

We strive to take you step by step through theprocess of buying a new or used computer system to suit your needs.

Our experience extends over almost 25 years and we are experts in the field of older computer models for the people who want to keep their computer running with their favorite software.

We also cater for the up to date computer nerd with the latest computer parts and systems and we build them to order, (no already assembled systems).


  • Re-Furbished V Secondhand I have been asked this many time why do you say refurbished computers rather than saying secondhand computers aren’t they the same?.
    Put simply No the aren’t the same as I will explain now
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  • Our servicesWe offer a vast of services at wilzen computers all work is carried out to a high stanard, also we offer a quick turn round..
    Fast and friendly services.
    New and Refurbished Partst.
    Call out to your home or buisness. Read More
  • Contact Us.

    Drop us a line call or email and we will endevour to contact you asap...

    Address: 23 Williambury Dr Yangebup 6164 West Australia
    Phone: +61 089 4147456
    Mob: +0414 801 109
    Others: +0413 524 536