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The Art of Refurbishing Desktop & Laptops

The art of refurbishing desktops and laptops involves the process of restoring used or
pre-owned computers to a functional and reliable condition. It requires a combination of technical skills, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality.
The ability to transform used computers into reliable and high-performing machines. Skilled technicians combine their knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail to deliver refurbished computers that offer value, performance, and longevity to their users.

The refurbishing process begins with a thorough inspection and evaluation of the computer. Technicians assess the overall condition of the hardware, including the external components, internal components, and peripherals. They identify any defects, damages, or areas that require attention.

Best Selling in the month May 2024

Hexbug VEX Robotics Construction Zone Backhoe Construction Kit
200+ construction pieces
1 x construction worker figure
1 x 52-page instruction manual


Microdia Flash Movers SDHC-Direct.
Brand New works with windows 98, XP, Win7, Win 8 & 8.1, Windows 10
Reads all Major SD cards and Flash Cards
Black only Left


HP 250 G1 (non-working Laptop for Parts only) i3. 3rd Gen, powers up
Powers up to Bios + Windows 10?
Missing several Keys on the keyboard (see pic above)


LENOVO M700 TINY - SFF- Desktop - INTEL I5 6400T 2.2GHZ CPU, 8GB RAM.
LENOVO M700 TINY SFF, Intel i5 6400T 2.2GHz CPU, 8GB RAM,
240GB SSD.


Microsoft Surface 3, 4, 7 Power Supply 1706 Adapter
Slender cord and adapter allow access to outlets behind furniture or in other tight spaces.
Surface Laptop (1st Gen)
Surface Laptop 2
Surface Laptop 3
Surface Pro 4
Surface Pro (5th Gen)
Surface Pro 6
Surface Pro 7


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