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We strive to resolve any issues you may have with your purchase

Wilzen Computers full policy 2019

We strive to resolve any issues you may have with your purchase, so please contact us prior to leaving negative or neutral feedback. As a measure of trust and goodwill in our customers, feedback is left for you as soon as payment is received.
GST & Invoices

All Prices include GST and Invoices are supplied with Items Sorry we don’t Ship anything overseas

The purpose of this page is to answer some of your questions that may arise from time to time, we at wilzen computers pride ourselves with up to date knowledge and know how on everything we repair, build or sell through our ebay store @ stores.ebay.com.au/wilzen computers and customers that are recommend to us.

1. Warranties: Wilzen Computers have issued it’s own warranty system for refurbished computers, Laptops and all Parts. a) All Refurbished Desktops has a full 6months RTB (return to Base) warranty (software exempt) b) All Refurbished Laptops to the value of $300 has a full 6 months RTB warranty(battery & software exempt) c) All Refurbished Laptops over $301 has a full 12 months RTB warranty (battery & software exempt) d) All Refurbished Parts are covered by a 30 day replacement/refund warranty

2. Repairs: All repairs are covered by a 30 day parts failure warranty (software or Battery Exempt)

3. Data Loss: Wilzen Computers are not liable for loss of data resulting in the repair of said item, all data should be backed up or copied to a save media before Wilzen computers can work on said item, as data can be infected by viruses no back up or copy data will be done unless the customer requests this in writing and signed.

4. Damage done by Wilzen computers: if damage occurs to customers computer, Wilzen computers will arrange with the customer a suitable solution, however Wilzen computers will not except liability to said item once in transit from our workshop.

5. Wilzen computers can respectfully refuse any repairs that are deemed bad debits or hostile intent towards our staff or myself.

6. Bad Debt: All Repairs and refurbished items must be paid in full before they can be removed from the workshop, all outstanding debts owed more that 3 months will be recovered by a collection agency or by the sale of held goods and my occur a further handling fee as well.

7. Picking up for someone else: If you are picking up a item from the work shop for someone else you will need to bring the following a hand written letter and signed with a copy of ID before I can release the goods to you or the repair slip that was given at the time of booking it in.

Now I hope this helps you in regards to dealing with Wilzen computers, as our workshop is next to our home I respectfully ask you the customer not to call at the front door before 9am and after 5pm unless prior notice, as there is side entrance for the workshop with a sign on the gate.

Please Feel free call or Text me or you want ask a question use our contact page